A little more about us!

The Point Church at Signal exists to Point People to Jesus one conversation at a time. As a Southern Baptist Church, we hold to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. We believe everyone deserves a chance to hear the redemptive good news of Jesus Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. We know this will only happen if God’s people are actively going out into the world and sharing the Gospel with people they meet.

Led by Sam Greer Ph.D. The Point Church is built upon the fact that followers of Christ are called to point people to Jesus. Pastor Sam teaches this belief by challenging the congregation to engage the world in Gospel Conversations.

What is a Gospel Conversation? We’re glad you asked.

A Gospel Conversation is a conversation where someone has the good news of Jesus’s death and resurrection shared with them and then is asked to believe in Jesus Christ as their savior.

This is the basis of our church’s goals and beliefs. It is what Pastor Sam preaches every Sunday. We would love to see you in our church learning about how you can effectively share the Gospel to people in your community.

Will you please join us in having Gospel Conversations?


Sam Greer Ph.D.

Senior Pastor